Currently there are 6 books in the series with the 7th in development:


 Twit and Twoo
 The Rainy Day
A Day at the Beach

There is a small, blue striped-winged owl who lives alone in the old oak tree on the edge of Brompton Woods. All he wants is to find a friend.

This charming tale of friendship and understanding is sure to put a smile on the face of young readers everywhere.

It is a rainy day in Brompton Woods. Twit doesn't know what to do to keep busy. Perhaps some of the other residents of the woods will have some ideas.

A beautiful tale filled with the possibilities of new pastimes and hobbies.

Donkey rides, sand castles, ice creams and picnics. It must be the annual outing to the beach for the owls of Brompton Woods.

A beautifully illustrated story full of fun, laughter and exciting activities. A peek at as day that is sure to charm and enchant in equal measure. 

The Big Camp
The Winter Fete
Help on the Farm

It is time for the annual Guide and Scout camp for the young owls of Brompton Woods.

Much fun is has by all with games, tents and campfires.

A beautiful tale telling of the joys and excitement involved in being members of youth groups.

Brompton Woods are all atwitter. All the owls have received an invitation for a meeting in the church.

What could it be about?

An enchanting tale of teamwork, fun and dedication that will captivate readers young and old.

It is time for the harvest to be brought in from the fields, but all of the farm workers are poorly with Chicken Pox. What can be done? How will Farmer Long-Whisker get the crops in on time for the harvest festival?

A beautiful tale of community spirit and kindness to charm readers young and old alike.